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To ride an Icelandic horse in the Icelandic nature is something you have to experience at least once in a lifetime. It is the most authentic Icelandic travel experience. Íshestar is proud to offer you the opportunity to travel around Iceland on horseback and experience the breathtaking nature of Iceland. The Icelandic horse is one of the first inhabitants of this volcanic island and has grown unique abilities to ride softly across every terrain, cross glacial rivers and ride the black and white beaches of Iceland. Since 1982 Íshestar has given people the opportunity to experience the Icelandic horse on long and short trips.  That is our passion. Enjoy the freedom of riding with Íshestar. 

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From the very start of Íshestar we have placed great emphasis on quality, personal service and the safety of our guests on all our tours. The great number of returning visitors tell us that we are heading in the right direction. Here are some of our favourites tours that we highly recommend.

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If one ever wondered what it would be like to ride an Icelandic Horse, and travel beautiful countryside, then I would definitely recommend this stable! It is not far from Reykjavik, and they will pick you up at your hotel. The people who run the stables are very nice, and the guides are also very patient and good for riders of all experience. There is a short film prior to the ride that everyone watches about safety and how to ride, but the guides will also help you if you do not know how to ride. I am not a novice, but definitely not an expert, and the horse assigned to me was totally awesome!! I could definitely tell the horses were treated very well here, and were well cared for. Rain gear is supplied to riders for the Icelandic weather. This experience was one that should not be missed! Definitely a must do!

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